XTRA GUARD™ Dual Locking Drawer Latch

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Lock 'em up!

  • Heavy-duty drawer and cabinet locks for childproofing purposes
  • Dual locking latch for added protection - double locked, locked or unlocked (for when kids aren't around)
  • Improved ergonomic design
  • Unique and versatile three position lock features Double Lock On (double operation locking)Lock On (single operation locking) Lock Off (When children aren't around)
  • 4 pack


The XTRAGUARD® Dual Locking Drawer Latch has an innovative ergonomic design that secures drawers and cabinets from curious hands. The latch requires pulling back to open - a tough task for tiny fingers, making it more child-resistant than other simpler drawer latches. And for added convenience, the handle can be set to 3 different lock settings for customized use: unlocked, locked, and double-locked. The unlocked position allows for temporary unsecured use of drawers for entertaining when little ones aren’t around.

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