Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some products available to buy on and not others?

We offer a curated selection of our products on including exclusive bundles and offers, based on our most-loved products. For information on where else you can purchase Munchkin products, please click here.

What does Munchkin do to ensure the quality and safety of its products?

For more than 30 years, Munchkin has been a trusted brand that retailers and parents have depended on with confidence, and we work hard to maintain that trust. The safety and well-being of our consumers is our top priority. All our products are independently tested and meet or exceed the safety standards for our industry as established by British and European Standards. We are constantly in touch with these safety organisations to ensure we are up to date with clear scientific findings and any changes in regulations. In addition, follow-up tests are conducted on all our products at periodic intervals after they launch to ensure each product's continued safety.

Will you give my name and contact information to other companies?

No, Munchkin will not provide or sell your personal information to any other company.

I have a great product idea. How can I submit it?

Unfortunately, Munchkin cannot accept unsolicited product suggestions, concept, or ideas.

Where are Munchkin products sold at retail?

Munchkin products are sold in all major grocery/retailers.

Are Munchkin products available for purchase outside of the United Kingdom?

Yes, Munchkin products are available for purchase in other countries.

Do Munchkin products contain latex?

No, Munchkin products are latex-free.

Do you offer samples or discounts?

We do not offer samples. If you follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our email newsletter, you can keep up with future special offers, discounts and chances to win free products.

Safety Gates

1. Stairs

The most important place to fit a safety gate is at the top and bottom of your stairs, preventing your child from falling and causing themselves injury. Please choose the correct type of gate for each setting.

2. Kitchen doorway

Using a safety gate on your kitchen doorway is also a good idea. Kitchens hold a multitude of dangers from hot appliances to cleaners and chemicals. A safety gate ensures that your little one can't gain access without you being in the same room.

3. Bedroom door

Changing from a cot to a bed brings a whole new challenge. With more freedom to get in and out of bed, a safety gate on their bedroom door means you can be assured that they won't wander from room to room in the night and more importantly, will be unable to get into the bathroom, another danger zone when unsupervised. Using a gate also helps to discipline your child to stay in bed, without the need to close the door completely.

4. Bathroom door

If you like your little one to be able to come into your room on a night and would prefer not to fit a gate to their bedroom door, it could be a good idea to fit a safety gate in the bathroom doorway. Bathrooms, like kitchens, contain many dangerous substances, from bathroom cleaners to shampoos, shower gels and lotions, not to mention medicines. Not only can these be dangerous but water itself be extremely dangerous, with risk of drowning.

5. Munchkin and Lindam gates

Lindam baby gates have been an industry-leader for decades. In 2010 Lindam Ltd became part of the Munchkin family, so no matter which logo you see on your chosen safety gate, you can rest assured it has come from the same high specification production line, and benefits from all the same care, technology and innovation.

What types of safety gates are available?

Munchkin provides two main categories of safety gates:

1. Pressure fit.

These gates are ready to assemble and do not require drilling or screwing to the wall. The pressure fit gate design incorporates a power frame; a "u" shaped frame which enhances the stability and safety of the gate through added strength. The pressure fit gates can be extended using extensions (3 sizes available, creating a maximum gate width of up to 117cm - opening sizes vary so check each model for exact sizes). Standard size without extensions fit 76cm-82cm.

2. Wall mounted

These gates are mounted directly onto the wall and therefore require drilling. The benefit however is that they are extending gates and can fit a maximum opening of 106cm (opening sizes vary so check each model for exact sizes). They also do not have a bottom rail which is a feature of the pressure fit gate and can be a potential trip hazard, especially at the top of the stairs. We recommend that a wall mounted safety gate is used at the top of the stairs for additional safety and strength.

Important Tips

1. Fit a wall mounted safety gate to the top of the stairs.

2. Check your pressure fit gates daily to ensure they maintain their pressure and strength.

3. Ensure you read the mounting instructions to ensure the gate is installed correctly as incorrect installation can be dangerous.

4. Always fit your pressure fit safety gates with the wall cups and sticky pads provided.

5. Gates with fixed floor bars, for example Pressure Fit gates, should not be used at the top of the stairs.

6. Fit safety gates either before or as soon as your child becomes mobile.

Are spare parts available for Munchkin gates?

Any spare parts we have available can be found here. Please contact if you have a query relating to spare parts.

If you have had your gate for less than 12 months and have your proof of purchase, please contact the retailer to check warranty terms.


Is the material in the teethers safe for my baby?

Yes, the gel in the Fun Ice® Teethers is non-toxic and completely safe to use with supervised children.

Can I freeze any of the Munchkin teethers?

Yes, any of our Fun Ice® Teethers can be frozen. The material will still stay soft for your baby's tender gums.

Cups & Feeding

Do you sell replacement mesh bags for the Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder?

No, the mesh bag on the Fresh Food Feeder cannot be removed for safety reasons. It is permanently attached to the handle.

Sometimes food gets stuck in the mesh bag of the Fresh Food Feeder. How should I clean it?

Try soaking it in a warm cup of water immediately after usage, then wash it with warm soapy water. You could also use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently scrub the mesh. The Fresh Food Feeder is also top rack dishwasher safe.

Is your feeding range BPA and Latex free?

Yes, all our feeding items are free from BPA and Latex.

My child is having trouble getting liquid out of the Munchkin® Tip & Sip cup?

The Straw will need activating. Remove the lid from the cup and pull the straw and instruction manual out. Inside the top of the straw, look for a valve with an S-shaped seal. Squeeze the straw where the valve is to break the seal and allow liquid to pass through. Remove and dispose of the transparent plastic cap over the bottom of the straw. Place the straw back into the cup ensuring that it is pulled firmly up to the inside of the lid.

Where can I find replacement parts for Munchkin® cups?

Any spare parts we have available can be found here. Please contact if you have a query relating to spare parts.

Can Munchkin® cups be used in the microwave?

No, we don’t recommend using in the microwave. We suggest using an alternative container to warm your drinks.

Can Munchkin® cups and feeding items be sterilised?

We recommend washing with warm soapy water or top rack dishwasher only. You can use cold water sterilising with our full range.

I purchased a set of Munchkin® Stay Put Bowls and they will not stick to my child's highchair tray.

Before placing the bowls on the highchair tray make sure it is clean and free of any debris/residue. You can also apply rubbing alcohol to the suction cups and the surface of the tray for better results. Please kindly note that these will not stick to porous surfaces.

How many times can I use one Munchkin® Steriliser bag?

Each bag can be re-used up to thirty times.


How do I clean my Munchkin® High 'n Dry Corner Bath Organiser?

Wipe with clean, damp cloth. Do not bleach. Air-dry. Do not iron.

Having trouble getting my bath toy suction cups to stick to the tub wall. How can get them to stick?

Clean wall surface with a household cleaner and allow wall surface to dry completely. Clean and dry suction cups thoroughly before installing.

Can I use a pump to inflate the Munchkin® Inflatable Safety Duck Tub?

For best results inflate by mouth or use a low-pressure pump. DO NOT OVER-INFLATE. Do not use high-pressure compressor or pump. It is normal for this to deflate over night so will need topping up between uses.

Do Munchkin® bath toys contain BPA?

Our bath toys meet all government regulatory requirement for BPA and other chemicals.