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Baby, Toddler & Child In Car Essentials

Get the show on the road and make sure you have everything you need for car journeys with your child. Once you have the snacks and entertainment sorted, don't forget about car trip essentials like baby mirrors and sun shades which make for a smoother, more comfortable journey for all.

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Car mirrors for babies

Keep your baby in sight on short or long car journeys with car baby mirrors, available for forward-facing or rear-facing car seats. From mirrors that can be pivoted to suit the angle you need, to mirrors that light up so you can keep an eye on your little one when it's dark - they're a practical solution for added peace of mind.

Car sun shades

Nobody likes getting the sun in their eyes and, on long car trips, it can be especially uncomfortable. Our shades let kids see the view while protecting them from the glare of the sun. Added White Hot™ technology makes it easy to see when the car is too hot for your little one.

Car seat kick mats

It's easy to scuff the back of seats with little shoes but it's even easier to protect those seats with kick mats that fit easily onto front seats and protect against moisture and dirt.

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