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Wall Mounted Baby & Child Safety Gates

It's important to create a safe environment for babies when they're starting to become mobile and using safety gates to create a barrier in doorways or on stairs can help them stick to areas that are safer. With no step-over bar, our extending wall-mounted gate can be used in doorways and on any stairway opening, top or bottom, and it features an extra wide walk-through section.

How does the gate open?

All of our gates are designed for easy, one-handed opening by adults and our wall mounted gate has a push-to-shut opening and closing system. Our wall mounted gate can be set to open in one or both directions, which can be changed whenever you need.

How do I install a wall mounted gate?

Wall-fix gates require require drilling into a structurally-sound surface. When you buy a wall mounted gate from Munchkin, all fixings are included with your gate and you just need a screwdriver, appropriate drill and drillbits for the surface you wish to attach the gate to. The gates must be fitted between two flat, structurally-sound surfaces. Full visual instructions for installation are provided in the instruction manual included with your gate.

Can I use a wall fix gate for my dog?

Safety gates can be used for pets, providing they can't fit between the bars (or jump over).

How to measure for a safety gate

Measuring tapes at the ready! Before buying your baby gate, be sure to measure the height and width you'll need to cover your space. Take the time to measure the doorway or stairway you intend to install your gate in. We recommend measuring from the narrowest point, usually the skirting board, and ensuring the gate you pick isn't wider than that. If you're in doubt about which gate is right for your space, contact our Customer Satisfaction team for support).

Lindam gates - a Munchkin legacy

Lindam safety gates and accessories have long been a marker of quality when it comes to baby gates. Back in 2010, Lindam Ltd became part of the Munchkin family so now, whether you see the Lindam or Munchkin logo on your gate, you can be assured that the same care, quality, technology and innovation has gone into making it.