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About our podcast

StrollerCoaster: A Parenting Podcast Is

The smart, fun, must-listen podcast for parents of kids of all ages. Created by Munchkin Inc.

Hosted by Lynn Smith, each episode features inspirational stories, fascinating guests, innovative parenting tips, and tons of “Wow, I have been there” moments.

But wait! There’s more! Alongside StrollerCoaster comes StrollerCoaster STORYTIME! A short-form podcast with a modern take on your favorite children’s stories. It’s perfect for kids. And parents too! Directed by kids!

The Host Of StrollerCoaster, (The “StrollerHoster”) Is

Lynn Smith, Celebrated TV news anchor

Lynn has over 20 years of TV news experience at NBC, MSNBC, CNN and The Today Show where she interviewed Mötley Crüe and Dolly Parton, cooked alongside Chef Morimoto and got to fly a plane! She recently made the move from a big city to a small town with her husband and two small boys, where she joins us as the season 2 host of StrollerCoaster.

Portrait of Lynn Smith

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