We are looking for innovative collaborators who are interested in doing what they do best—and being recognized for it. Driven by our mission to be the most loved baby lifestyle brand in the world, we want to welcome you.

We lead with our core values and believe that investing in the community is our responsibility. Munchkin employs a diverse workforce as an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Ninety percent of our employees say Munchkin is a great place to work (compared to an average of 57% in U.S. companies). Learn more. We are Great Place to Work Certified™!

Working in partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare, The Seedling Project for a sustainable future and Radiant Colors to optimize the potential of every child, our initiatives foster an environment for forward-thinking individuals to work as a unified front. With over 320 patents and 270 design and product awards, we are passionate, creative and looking for team members who think big, move fast, work smart, and want to optimize their talent.

Join us as we broaden our mission vision with higher value household goods and technologically advanced consumer wares.

Be our next innovator.

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Munchkin understands what it takes to attract and keep top talent. We offer COMPETITIVE SALARIES AND ANNUAL BONUSES


MUNCHKIN SUPPORTS EMPLOYEE GROWTH in many ways, and we provide the tools you need to create your own path. Learning & Development opportunities via online and in-class learning, leadership training, mentor program, resource groups, and opportunities to play a role in corporate initiatives are among the many ways we strategically develop our talent.


Stock is awarded to employees who think and act like owners. 65% OF MUNCHKIN SHAREHOLDERS ARE EMPLOYEES!


Munchkin’s robust health and generous pension programs support the financial well-being of our employees. Employees enjoy 100% EMPLOYER-PAID SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS and matching pension contributions.


We take pride in providing our employees with a supportive work environment that empowers them to stay healthy and fulfill their goals. We offer onsite fitness classes, a gym & basketball court on-campus (HQ only), and other healthy options such as weekly fruit delivery and wellness & nutrition seminars and education. Our employees enjoy HALF-DAY FRIDAYS ALL YEAR LONG (not just during the summer like most companies), because we believe in the importance of work-life balance.


Munchkin employees come from all over the world, and we believe that EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING VALUABLE TO OFFER. These values are the foundation of our work and our inclusive, empathizing, and transparent culture. Our Employee Groups such as the Women’s Leadership Group help bring together diverse team members to build communities across the globe.


We love to think big, take action, and MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TOGETHER. Whether through volunteering or giving back, helping the world in which we live in is something our people are very passionate about, and we take many opportunities throughout the year to do this as a team.


Ready to blow off some steam and have some fun? We’ve got you covered, because WE LIKE TO HAVE FUN! We regularly come together to celebrate team and Company victories. Monthly fun events such as Bring Your Kid to Work Day, Sales Achievement parties, team outings, mixology classes, and just about any other reason to celebrate are common at Munchkin.