Maxi-Secure Safety Gate and 7cm Gate Extension Bundle, 76 - 89cm

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Safe locking mechanism for maximum security

  • Bundle includes 1x Maxi-Secure Safety Gate and 1x 7cm Gate Extension.
  • Four point pressure fit - U-shaped power frame provides solid pressure fitting.
  • Pressure indicator assures baby gate is installed correctly.
  • Gate assembled and ready to install - 5 minute installation - all tools provided; strong steel construction, with extra wide walk through. Simple-to-attach extension.
  • Squeeze and lift handle for easy one handed adult opening.
  • One or two way gate opening available to suit location.
  • Optional second lock at the base of the gate.
  • Adjusts to fit openings from 76 cm to 82 cm and can be extended up to 89 cm with the included 7cm gate extension.


Munchkin Maxi-Secure safety gate combines quality and value. It comes with all tools provided for quick and easy installation in just 5 minutes, with an easy-to-attach 7cm gate extension included.

The Munchkin four point pressure fit frame means that the gate does not require drilling to the wall, whilst providing a solid pressure fitting when in position for complete peace of mind. The clever pressure indicator provides you with visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly, keeping your little explorer safe at all times. The wider walk through is practical as you have more space as you pass through the baby gate, ideal if your hands are full with baby, shopping or holding the washing basket. With a double lock, even the most adventurous and inquisitive little one will not be able to open the gate, providing you with peace of mind at all times.

This pressure fit safety gate fits openings of 76-82cm. It can be extended up to 89cm with the use of the included 7cm extension. For wider openings, further extensions are available to purchase separately. It is important that you measure the opening of where you want to install your safety gate correctly. Always measure from the narrowest point, typically skirting to skirting.

Do not stack two baby gates on top of each other. It is not safe and can lead to serious injury. Stop using the gate when a child can climb over the gate. Install according to manufacturer’s instructions.