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Toddler & Baby Sippy Cups, Bottles and Beakers

No-spill, easy-to-use, perfect for little hands and preventing spills!

Baby sippy cups and toddler trainer cups are designed to teach your little ones how to drink from a big kid cup as they start drinking beyond bottles.. Our cups limit the flow of water in order to prevent spills, as well as decrease the risk of choking while drinking. They’re the ideal training cup option to help your little one transition from a bottle to a spoutless cup and promote independent drinking. Our sippy cups are all BPA-free, designed to be leak-proof and feature wide openings for easy filling and cleaning.

Check out our guides on how to transition your baby from bottle to sippy cup and how to find the best sippy cup for your baby or toddler.

Did you know...

Our baby and toddler cups have been designed so that the liquid flows at the right speed for the child's developmental stage, promoting independence and preventing spills. On our Munchkin Miracle® 360° Cups, if you take a peek inside at the white part of the lid, you'll see that there are more holes on the 296ml Sippy Cup than there are on the 207ml Trainer Cup! Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Munchkin - it really is the little things that make the difference!

Which sippy cup is right for your baby or toddler?

Our collection of sippy cups will help your little one make the transition from bottle to cup a breeze. They include:

Click Lock™ Chew Proof Trainer Cup 4m+:

Designed to help your baby transition from bottles to cups and promote safe, independent drinking, the bite-proof spout is perfect for little ones and their first teeth. The handles are made for little hands to hold. Suitable for babies aged 4m+

Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup 6m+:

A non-spill cup with handles to grip and a spoutless, easy-sip edge recommended by dentists. The 360° edge allows drinking from any side of the cup and seals after sipping to prevent leaks. Suitable for babies aged 6m+.

Click Lock™ Tip & Sip Cup 6m+:

This no-spill straw cup can be drunk from at any angle due to the soft-on-gums, innovative weighted straw, and the flip-top lid covers straw while on the go. Suitable for babies aged 6m+.

Simple Clean Straw Cup 6m+:

Our newest cup, featuring a soft, silicone straw that peels open to allow for easy cleaning, and then tucks into the lid when not in use. Ideal for weaning, or kids just moving onto more independent drinking. Suitable for toddlers aged 12m+.

Miracle® 360° Trainer Cup 12m+:

The next size up for Miracle Cup fans, with a flow speed designed for this older age. The leak-proof 360° edge allows drinking from any side of the cup - simply tilt the cup and suck on the valve's edge. Suitable for toddlers aged 12m+.

Miracle® 360° Colour Changing Cup 12m+:

All the benefits of our much-loved Miracle Cup, with a colour-changing twist! Simply add cold and watch the cup change colour - great for encouraging a toddler to drink more. Suitable for toddlers aged 12m+.

Miracle® 360° Stainless Steel Sippy Cup 12m+:

A Miracle Cup for summer! The vacuum-sealed stainless steel cup keeps drinks cool for 15 hours while the leak-proof edge allows drinking from any side. Suitable for toddlers aged 12m+.

Cool Cat Stainless Steel Straw Cup 18m+:

A fun, insulated, double walled stainless steel straw cup which keeps drinks cool for up to 15 hours. The flip top lid and spill-proof lid prevents spills. Suitable for toddlers aged 18m+.

Miracle® Cup Lids:

Keeping your cups clean when out and about, the lids fit all sizes and styles of Miracle® 360° cups.

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