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Newborn Baby & Nursery Essentials

Create a comforting, soothing space for your baby with Munchkin's nursery collection. From baby swings to UV sterilisers, our calming white noise sleep machine, soothers and door bouncers, help your little one relax with Munchkin. Our nursery collection includes:

Bluetooth®-enabled Baby Swing:

Recreate the calming side-to-side swaying motion most babies love with our baby rocker. The remote lets you control everything from the speed and timer to the selection of calming sounds, or use your mobile phone to control the rocker while playing your own music through the in-built speakers. Suitable for babies between 2.2-9kg (5-20 lbs)

Baby Sleep Support:

With shushing, heartbeat and white noise sound options and a gentle night light, our sleep machine supports little ones to get the rest they need.

UV Sterilisers:

Using proven technology, our UV sterilisers neutralise odours and kill 99.99% of the most common household germs in as little at 59 seconds. Perfect for soothers, bottle teats, toys and more.

Baby Door Bouncer:

With crinkle mane, a squeaky nose and teething rings, the Lenny the Lion door bouncer supports your baby in the correct position while playing and attaches securely with a door frame clamp. Suitable for babies up to a maximum weight of 12kg (26.5 lbs).

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