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Car Shades For Babies & Toddlers

Remember car journeys as a kid, trying to keep the annoying sun out of your eyes? Our car sun shades prevent the glare of the sun which can be hard on little eyes, while still allowing little ones to see the view (no risk to games of I spy with my little eye!).

Sun shade UV protection

Car windows block some but not all UV rays, so Munchkin's car shades are designed to protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Safe car temperature for babies and children

The special technology on our White Hot™ Sun Safety Shades shows when the car temperature is too hot for children, so you can take action to cool it down and keep them at a comfortable temperature.

Easy attachment and use

The White Hot™ Sun Shades have a dual attachment system for a better fit - choose the adjustable clips or suction cups included with the shades. The sun shade rolls down easily and retracts at the push of the button.