Baby Bloom Baby Swing Mobile

For Munchkin Baby Swing
(Munchkin Swing sold separately)

Let the good times bloom!

  • Entertaining and enriching mobile ideal for babies' visual development
  • Engages baby's senses with its high contrast patterns and centre mirror
  • Modern aesthetic with structural design in black and white hues
  • Helps infants with natural depth perception
  • Ultra-compact; easy to attach and remove
  • 0+ months
  • Designed exclusively for Munchkin Baby Swing


Most babies don’t start to see color until they’re around four months old, but they can distinguish contrasting patterns early on. Give them the perfect focal point with the Baby Bloom Mobile, designed for Munchkin Baby Swing! This entertaining accessory engages both baby’s senses and your sense of style with an eye-catching, black-and-white flower design. The Baby Bloom Mobile's center mirror and high contrast colours encourage developing eyes to practice focus and movement. Meet little ones exactly where they are with a modern mix of patterns and stripes they can actually see!