Extending Metal and Maxi Secure Safety Gate Bundle

Baby-proof upstairs and downstairs
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We've got baby proofing sorted!

  • Install the Maxi Gate downstairs and the Extending Metal Gate upstairs to baby-proof your stairway
  • Maxi Secure Gate: has four-point, pressure-fit, U-shaped power frame which provides solid pressure fitting
  • Maxi Secure Gate: comes assembled and ready to install - 5 minute installation - all tools provided; strong steel construction, with extra wide walk through
  • Maxi Secure Gate: ideal for use in doorways, and bottom of stairs when used with the one way opening catch
  • Extending Metal Gate: can be set to open in one direction only or in both directions
  • Extending Metal Gate: top and bottom adjusters allow for quick and easy installation and width adjustments
  • Extending Metal Gate: no step over bar, ideal for use in doorways or top or bottom of stairs


Let us help get your home ready for when your baby is on the move!

The Munchkin Maxi Secure Safety Gate combines quality and value. It comes with all tools provided for quick and easy installation in just 5 minutes. The Munchkin four-point pressure-fit frame means that the gate does not require drilling to the wall, whilst providing a solid pressure fitting when in position for complete peace of mind. The clever pressure indicator provides you with visual assurance that the gate is installed correctly, keeping your little explorer safe at all times. The wider walk through is practical as you have more space as you pass through the baby gate, ideal if your hands are full with baby, shopping or holding the washing basket. With a double lock, even the most adventurous and inquisitive little one will not be able to open the gate, providing you with peace of mind at all times. This gate should only be used at the bottom of stairs.

The Lindam by Munchkin Wall Fix Extending Metal Safety Gate is both versatile and stylish, constructed from strong steel and fixes directly to the wall - features a push-to-shut opening & closing system and an extra wide walk through section with no step over bar. Not all openings and doorways are straight, or consistent in size, with staircases being the main culprits. The Lindam push-to-shut Extending Metal Wall Fix Safety is perfect for awkward sizes. It flexibly extends to fit narrow openings of 64.5 cm, to wider openings of 102 cm without the need for separate extensions! This gate can be used at the top or bottom of stairs.

Do not stack two baby gates on top of each other. It is not safe and can lead to serious injury. Stop using the gate when a child can climb over the gate. Install according to manufacturer’s instructions.