Bambou Divided Suction Plate


Perfect Portions

  • DIVIDED SUCTION PLATE - The Divided Baby Suction plate has a strong suction base to help avoid messes and is perfect for toddler and baby led weaning. Quick-release tabs on the suction base allow for easy parent removal. 100% food grade silicone base is removable from the plate for easy cleaning.
  • PERFECTLY DESIGNED - Flat edge fits most standard highchair trays and allows baby to sit closer their food. Sectioned compartments on the suction plates are ideal for serving different foods. Bamboo is cool to touch for sensitive hands.
  • NON-TOXIC - BPA-free, our bamboo toddler plates are made from 100% bamboo with a 100% food grade silicone for the plate's base.
  • RENEWABLE BAMBOO - Our Toddler Plates are made of renewable bamboo. Did you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant. When cut down it renews itself growing up to 1 metre in just 24 hours!
  • EXPLORE THE RANGE - Complete your bamboo weaning collection with the Munchkin Bambou range. Discover our Open Silicone Baby Cup and our Suction Baby Bowls and Spoon, the ideal baby weaning set.
  • 6+ months


Put sustainability on your daily menu. Munchkin's Bambou™ mealtime collection is made with non-toxic, renewable bamboo that helps create a greener future for our children and planet. This durable bamboo plate is made for small portions and small hands. With a non-slip silicone base to minimize spills and three high-sided sections that ensure foods don't touch, it's perfect for learning about food groups.

At Munchkin, sustainability is always on the menu because we love babies as much as we love our planet.​

Caution: Wash and inspect before use. Handwash only with warm, soapy water. Do not soak in water. Product is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Always check food temperature before feeding. Do not boil or steam sterilize the product. Remove all parts during cleaning to prevent mold/mildew build-up and to ensure product dries fully after washing. Product may break if dropped. Discard and replace at first sign of weakness or damage. Do not let child walk or run while carrying the product. Product is not a toy. Do not leave child unattended during use. Discard all packaging components before use.

How to Clean: Wash your bamboo plate by hand in warm, soapy water. Allow to air dry. Monthly, apply a thin layer of olive oil to maintain the quality and lifespan of the plate. Silicone base is suitable for the dishwasher.