CoolCuddle™ Head & Body Support

BRICA for Munchkin

Snug as a bug…

  • Provides full body support to your baby
  • Performance fabrics provide breathable comfort
  • Micro-pillow fabric helps maximize airflow
  • Wicking fabric pulls moisture from body
  • Adjustable head support grows with baby
  • Contoured support for more ergonomic fit
  • Perfect for car seats, pushchairs, swings and more
  • Designed to work with 3 or 5-point harness systems
  • Crash tested
  • Machine washable


The CoolCuddle™ Head & Body Support provides ideal contoured, ergonomic support for your little one while on the go, in the car seat or pushchair, or at home in the swing or bouncer. Not only does it keep your baby’s head and body safely positioned, but our strategic use of performance fabrics promote airflow and moisture wicking which helps to keep your baby cool and comfortable.

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