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Our 37 degree digital baby bottle warmer is an absolute must-have for heating and warming, or keeping a pre-made bottle of baby’s breast milk or formula temperature-controlled.

  • Leak-Proof

    Ideal for heating breast milk or formula for travel or feeding; most major bottle brands fit securely onto the unit or an adaptor for a perfect, secure fit.

  • Digital Display

    A digital display reads the starting temperature of baby’s milk and adjusts as the temperature rises, so you know when it’s just right at 37 degrees.

  • Heats to Body Temperature

    The digital baby bottle warmer reaches a perfect 37 degrees and is capable of keeping milk warm and holding temperature for up to 30 minutes.

  • Fits Major Bottle Brands

    Includes five adapters that are compatible with Dr. Brown’s Original, Tommee Tippee, NUK, Medela, and others* - so you can keep baby’s milk warm at a perfect 37 degrees, no matter what bottles you and baby love. This is bottle feeding made easy.

  • Fits Avent with No Adapter

    No adapter necessary for Avent Natural bottles & Evenflo Balance bottles (4oz and 9oz*).

  • Fast & Simple to Use

    Just twist, flip, and press to warm your bottle or keep at the ideal temperature. No confusing water tanks or measurements needed to ensure baby’s milk is perfect every time!

What People Are Saying

“This smart bottle warmer heats each bottle to body temperature.”

About 37° Digital Baby Bottle Warmer

Item #:
Model #:
Product Dimensions:
8.33cm x 7.62cm x 8.53cm
Item Weight:
Batteries Required:
No, plugs into mains
220-240VAC, 50 Hz
Warranty: 1-year Limited Warranty
  • What bottles is this warmer compatible with?The Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer comes with 5 adapters, making it compatible with most baby bottle brands.
    Adapter A (with O-ring) for: Dr. Brown’s 4oz/120ml and 8oz/250ml*, Medela 5oz/150ml and 8oz/250ml*, Nuk First Essentials 5oz/150ml and 9oz/270ml*
    Adapter B (with O-ring) for: Tommee Tippee 5oz/150ml and 9oz/270ml*
    Adapter C (with O-ring) for: Nuk Simply Natural 5oz/150ml and 9oz/270ml*
    Adapter D (with O-ring) for: Munchkin Latch 4oz/120ml and 8oz/250ml*
    Adapter E (with O-ring) for: MAM 5oz/150ml and 9oz/270ml*
    *Dr. Brown’s, Medela, Nuk, MAM, Tommee Tippee and Avent are trademarks of their respective owners
    Please refer to the owner’s manual available in pdf format under Product Information.
  • After I press start, do I need to press it again to stop it so that the bottle temperature doesn't get too hot?After you press start for two seconds, you do not need to press the display again. The warmer will stop automatically when the attached bottle reaches 37° and hold it at this temperature for 30 minutes. Please remember to always attach a bottle before beginning the warming process.
  • Is this portable?The Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer must be plugged into an electrical outlet to operate.
  • How often do I need to de-scale the product?For best results, we recommend de-scaling the warmer after every use.
  • How do you de-scale this product? To de-scale the Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer, mix 0.5oz. (15ml) of white vinegar with 0.5oz. (15ml) of cold water and pour into the Warming Chamber. Allow liquid to stand in the unit until any deposits (limescale) have dissolved. Discard liquid and rinse with clear water, repeat "Clean Cycle" to remove any residual deposits. Please also note that the owner's manual is available in pdf format under Product Information for your reference.
  • Will it also work for ready to feed formula?Yes, the Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer can be used with pre-made Ready to feed formula.
  • Can it defrost a frozen bottle?The Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer is not designed to heat frozen baby bottles.
  • How long does it take to heat the bottle?Depending on the temperature of the liquid before heating and the amount of liquid in the bottle being heated, the Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer can take anywhere between roughly 2-9 minutes. Please refer to the instruction manual under Product Information for more heating specifications.
  • Should I be mixing the formula before or after heating the bottle?For faster results using the Munchkin 37° Digital Bottle Warmer, it is recommended to heat the water before mixing formula. You can heat the bottle with formula; it is important to thoroughly mix the liquid, removing any non-liquid residue, before the warming process.
  • Do I need the silicone o-ring in the warmer? Do I need it in the adapters?Yes, there is a silicone o-ring that is meant to be placed flat side down in the warmer unit to prevent leaks. There is also a silicone o-ring, one unique each adapter, to be placed flat side down in the adapters.