14cm Universal Gate Extension (White)

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Customise the width of your pressure fit safety gate

  • Universal sure shut extensions come in three different sizes; 7cm, 14cm and 28cm.
  • Available to extend the Easy Fit Plus Deluxe, Sure Shut Axis, Sure Shut Porte and Sure Shut Orto Safety Gates.
  • Can be combined to span a variety of opening sizes up to 117cm wide.
  • It is important that you measure the opening of where you want to install your safety gate correctly. Always measure from the narrowest point, typically skirting to skirting.
  • Available in both white & silver
  • View the extension installation guide to select the right extensions for your opening.
  • See extension guide below
  • For universal 7 cm extensions (white) click here For universal 28 cm extensions (white) click here


A customised fit is always better than a standard one, especially when it comes to baby-proofing. If you need to extend your Lindam pressure fit safety gate, you can do so with standard universal gate extensions available in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect fit. These extensions work with pressure-fit safety gates and can be combined to span a variety of opening sizes up to 117cm wide. Available in both silver and white, they come in 7cm, 14cm and 28cm sizes.

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