9 out of 10 mums agreed LATCH™ makes it easier to move between bottle and breast.*

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*in-home study of 100 US mums


Hatch Bath Toy

Crack a smile with a bath toy that squirts, strains, scoops, & pours.

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White Hot® Infant Spoons

Good from the very first bite!

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It's a Miracle!

Drink naturally from anywhere on the 360 rim, without worrying about spills. The lid automatically reseals after drinking-perfect for a growing kid on the move.

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No More Dry Wipes!

Get a warm and fresh wipe every time with Munchkin's Mist Wipe Warmer, the only wipe warmer with a misting system.

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Baby In-Sight® Magical Firefly Auto Mirror

Introduce babies to shapes as patterns of light dance behind the mirror or lull them to sleep as relaxing music plays and lights softly fade in and out.

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