Baby Food Feeder (Blue)

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Ready, Set, Feed!

  • Soft silicone pouch for easy feeding of homemade or shop bought baby food
  • Small hole at the bottom allows you to feed purees to young babies
  • Great for travel - comes with on-the-go cap
  • Snap-tight closure
  • Easy for baby to hold and use
  • Helps reduce risk of choking
  • Helps develop self feeding habits
  • Patent pending design
  • BPA-free
  • Colours and assortments may vary
  • 4+ Months


Introducing solids is one of the many exciting milestone in baby’s first few months of life. The look on their faces upon tasting something other than milk is priceless (and adorable)! This convenient Baby Food Feeder offers a safe and easy way to feed baby purees, whether it’s shop-bought or homemade baby food. It has a small hole at the bottom, which allows food to pass through in digestible amounts, and the on-the-go cap is perfect for travel or storing purees in the fridge. The soft silicone pouch allows for easy feeding of mashed bananas, veggies, and more.

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